Monthly Archives: June 2012

Merch table


A HUGE thanks to everyone who has downloaded the show so far. A few people have asked how to support it so we created a Cafe Press store with merchandise. Cafe Press has a ton of other stuff so if there’s anything specific you want created with the logo on it just email us at or get us on Facebook or Twitter or wherever.

The Unloading – June 26, 2012


Another episode of The Unloading is in the books and luckily Stephanie was able to join us, having barely survived an extended 4 day weekend of Gay Pride Parade-related drinking. Also on the show, Pete loses a tug-of-war for a bag for dog treats with Jim’s dog Lindy. All that and more, enjoy.

It’s Pete vs. Lindy in a battle for the ages

How to listen…


Currently working on getting our first podcast up and running. You’ll be able to listen via a flash player right on the website, download the mp3 via the podcast page on Pod-O-Matic or subscribe via iTunes. We are awaiting approval for getting our podcast in the actual iTunes store but in the meantime you can still subscribe through your iTunes by using the RSS feed.