Monthly Archives: August 2012

The Unloading – August 28, 2012


The Unloading is back on its regular day for episode 10. Daveon is also back. Pete and Mollie’s fast-paced lifestyle is analyzed. How do they cram so much in and still watch all those TV shows? Stephanie survives another pub crawl, this one on the Southside. Jim recaps Sam’s first dinner with the Gastronauts. Mary shares a painful childhood memory of not being able to order awesome food from Market Day. All that and more on The Unloading.


The Unloading – August 20, 2012


Unload early this week with episode 9. Mary is back after spending most of last week’s show holding the baby. Mollie comes by to recap her very busy weekend with Zippy that was almost completely derailed by Pete’s refusal to wear suntan lotion. Stephanie survived Daveon’s royalty-themed birthday. Jim has an adverse reaction to a local block party. Also, what’s a scribben?

Zippy’s flowing locks

The Unloading – August 16, 2012


Sam makes his podcast debut on The Unloading episode 8. Mary hogs him for most of the show before reluctantly handing him off to Stephanie. Pete, with childlike excitement, shares his love of the Air & Water Show. Mary gets lost in Jim’s neighborhood and Stephanie has a long weekend in Michigan. Plus, is there an Unloading tennis tournament in the offing?

Sam makes his podcasting debut

The Unloading – August 7, 2012


A lot has happened since the last episode of The Unloading. The Total Recall remake completely bombed with both critics and moviegoers alike. The Olympics continued and…oh yeah Jim’s wife had a baby! A full recap of the surprise arrival of baby Ruffatto on this week’s Unloading, plus why Stephanie hates Metra and Pete’s recent financial windfall. Mary brought cupcakes too!

Yes, Pete and Mollie really do dress alike