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The Unloading – September 25, 2012


It’s episode 14 of The Unloading and Pete would like to introduce a little more professionalism to the show. A recap of the Emmy’s and Jim and Pete basking in the glow of the Golden Age of Sitcoms. Or is it a Sitcom Renaissance? Pete has a run-in with a rude moviegoer and Stephanie doesn’t appreciate him pointing at her either. A rundown of the fantasy standings and Stephanie’s rant against all the new crosswalks in the city. All that and more on this week’s episode of The Unloading.

Candy Corn Oreos!

The Unloading – September 18, 2012


It’s episode 13 of The Unloading and we were unlucky enough to be without Stephanie due to some scheduling errors. Luckily Pete, Jim and Mary picked up the slack in her absence. A recap of the Norse Bar outing to watch a miserable Bears game, including Zippy’s tummy ache and Stephanie’s near-fight with an annoying Packer fan. Plus Mary remembers a very weird moment from junior high involving her teacher’s fiance and a garbage bag full of Jolly Ranchers. All that and more on The Unloading episode 13.

Zippy leaves his mark on some fresh concrete

The Unloading – September 11, 2012


The whole team is back for episode 12 of The Unloading. Job search woes plague Pete, Jim and Stephanie. Steph vehemently defends “Sex in the City”. Pete has his doubts about the Jon Hamm photo. Also, his weekend at the Renegade Craft Fair and how Jim saved him from eating a soggy tofurkey sandwich with mayo. Plus a recap of the first week of The Unloading’s Fantasy Football season. All that and more on this week’s episode.

A fine product from La Familia Green.

The Unloading – September 4, 2012


Pete and Jim kick off The Unloading’s 11th episode by themselves. Sadly, this Unloading is Stephanieless as she had some dogsitting issues. Pete and Jim discussed the “Breaking Bad” midseason finale. Mary and Pete talked tennis while Jim looked on with a glazed expression. Pete defends “Sex and the City” and he and Jim sample some beers from Stephanie’s mom. All that and more on today’s Unloading.