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The Unloading – October 30, 2012


The Unloading is back with a full cast of Unloaders. It’s Jim’s first show as Mr. Mom so be prepared for lots of crying. And also Sam was upset too. Pete and Mollie (Luf and Luf) finally revealed their Halloween costumes to the world. Mary is bummed that no one watched the World Series. Plus Stephanie demands to know why there were no new shows on CBS and the CW last night. All that and more on episode 19 of The Unloading.


The Unloading – October 23, 2012


Here’s episode 18 of The Unloading, sadly without Mary who had a prior engagement. Stephanie’s flirtation with the perfect fantasy season is over and Pete couldn’t be happier. Jim returns from Three Floyd’s brewery with enough beer to last him the rest of the year and he even gets Zippy to drink some despite his boycot. Stephanie struggles with Halloween costume ideas and Jim basks in the glory of the St. Louis Cardinals choking in the playoffs. All that and more on episode 18 of The Unloading.

Zombie Dust!

The Unloading – October 15, 2012


It seems like just the other day we were Unloading episode 16 on you. We’re back with episode 17 and all the exciting things that come with it. Pizza, Mary and her new beau’s potential weekend plans, Jim’s tirade against St. Louis Cardinals fans, a full recap of the Acrocats and more. Check out episode 17 of The Unloading.

Pizza pie!

The Unloading – October 11, 2012


The Unloading is back for episode 16, with special guest Mollie (one half of Luf & Luf). Pete and Mollie recap their TV-less weekend in Michigan. They’ve also finally decided on a Halloween costume. Jim went to the Chicago Marathon and brought back some audio of ironic spectators. Mary is enthralled with the baseball playoffs and Stephanie continues to dominate fantasy football. All that and more on episode 16.

Luf and Luf

The Unloading – October 2, 2012


It’s Victory Tuesday on episode 15 of The Unloading. Stephanie basks in the glory of a huge Bears win. Mary basks in the glory of newfound love. Jim basks in the glory of a new TV season. Pete tried to bask in the glory of Little Caesars Pizza but had to settle for cornbread scribbens. All that and more on episode 15 of The Unloading.