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The Unloading – November 26, 2012


The starting lineup is back for episode 23 of The Unloading. Stephanie has a list of gripes from last week’s show. Mary-on behalf of her sister and really all of us-asks Pete how he and Mollie manage to cram so many activities into their daily lives. Jim had a fire in his condo and Sam was baptized. All that and more on episode 23 of The Unloading.

Sam has a new toy but he doesn’t seem to care for it

The Unloading – November 19, 2012


It’s a skeleton crew for The Unloading, episode 22. Stephanie is out with a cold and Mary got tied up at work. In order to prevent it from becoming too broseph-heavy Mollie was nice enough to be a special guest. Jim is heading off to get his Christmas tree this weekend but Pete and Mollie have all of their decorations up and ready for Pete to gaze at them in wonder. With Mary gone no one was around to reign in all of the inside TV talk. All that and more on episode 22 of The Unloading.

The Unloading – November 12, 2012


Welcome to The Unloading, episode 21 with special guest Tina Sfondeles! In addition to being a former co-worker of The Unloading cast she also covers transportation for the Sun-Times. Want to know what’s happening with that rumored Orange Line extension? Tina has the inside info! The rest of the crew is recovering from a horrible Bears loss. Pete’s Movember mustache is creeping everyone out. Stephanie got into a huge blowout with her mom over the TV show “Parking Wars”. Jim ate way too much gravy over the weekend and Mary is desperately searching for a nearby frozen yogurt shop. All that and more on today’s Unloading.

Pete supports Movember

The Unloading – November 6, 2012


It’s Election Day on The Unloading, episode 20. It’s not hard to guess who Jim is voting for. Stephanie recaps her wild trip to Nashville. Mary poses the age old question, how many direct messages on Twitter does it take before someone sends a wang photo? Pete really wants some Starbucks but is OK with just staring at the Christmas-themed cups that Mary and Stephanie brought. All that and more on today’s Unloading.

Pete is taunted by Starbucks cups