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The Unloading – July 24, 2013


Welcome to episode 53 of The Unloading, our National Tequila Day Special (or Especial del Dia de Tequila). Pete drops a huge bomb about his Starbucks job. Jim dimes on his dopey, hipster neighbor. Stephanie recaps the Justin Timberlake/Jay Z concert at Soldier Field. All that and more on this week’s Unloading.

Happy Tequila Day!

Happy Tequila Day!

The Unloading – July 18, 2013


Episode 52 of The Unloading is here. Mollie fills in for an absent Mary. It seems as if maybe Pete is not meant for life on the road? Jim recommends getting a little satisfaction by calling 311 on an annoying neighbor. Plus Stephanie might is scouring Groupon for a Botox deal. All that and more on the Unloading.

Jim's neighbor's ridiculous, weed-choked "garden"

Jim’s neighbor’s ridiculous, weed-choked “garden”

The Unloading – July 10, 2013


The gang’s all here for episode 51 of The Unloading. Pete went to Nashville over the holiday weekend and as you can imagine Zippy’s Nashville is a little different than Stephanie’s Nashville. It’s not exactly the McDonald’s coffee incident all over but it’s close. All that and more on episode 51 of The Unloading.

Some Yazoo beer from Pete's trip to Nashville

Some Yazoo beer from Pete’s trip to Nashville

The Unloading – July 1, 2013


50 episodes for The Unloading! A very special episode with a full, almost too candid, Pride Parade Recap featuring Daveon and Harris. In addition to recapping Pride, Daveon and Harris also Scoochie some Motion: Unlimited t-shirts for the crew. All that and more on the 50th episode of The Unloading.

It's Scoochie Time!

It’s Scoochie Time!