The Unloading – April 15, 2014


Mary’s back! MARY IS BACK! Seriously, she’s actually here for episode 77. Pete rains down threes on his “Little” even with his gimpy hand and he’s surprised that the kid really isn’t into playing basketball with him. Stephanie demonstrates the proper way to go handsfree while driving, if you don’t have Bluetooth. All that plus some Game of Thrones thoughts from Jim on this week’s Unloading.


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  1. Hey Pete, before you go under the knife for your hand, research Cupping Massage. It’s intense massage with cups/small glasses supplying super duper suction. Hurts like hell but saved me! My gimpy hand turned out to be severe tightness in my neck and upper back and the arm muscles were affected. It looks like hickies and sounds like rigamarole, but worth a bit of googling. Jeannie

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