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The Unloading – June 17, 2014


It’s episode 80 of The Unloading and our domain name seem to have lapsed. Don’t worry we’ll get it figured out and you can still listen to the show. It’s also been nearly two years to the day since we started The Unloading. Pete and Mollie are still holding on to Stephanie’s cake from the last episode of The Unloading. Plus what’s the deal with the World Cup? Travel tips for Stephanie’s trip to New York and a special appearance by Death of Samantha, Pete’s favorite band of all time (hyperbole?). All that and more on episode 80 of The Unloading.

[audio http://traffic.libsyn.com/theunloading/Episode_80_-_6_17_14.mp3]



The Unloading – April 29, 2014


Welcome to episode 78 of The Unloading, sub episode 1 of The brand new podcast where we only talk about the TV show Parenthood. Lots of TV talk tonight as Mollie joins us for the podcast. Also we have some fun checking in on occasional guest Tina, who is watching the first season of Game of Thrones. And obviously Jim is going to bring up Star Wars. Plus Stephanie learns to relax and not want to beat people down in public that annoy her. All that and more on The Unloading.


The Unloading – April 15, 2014


Mary’s back! MARY IS BACK! Seriously, she’s actually here for episode 77. Pete rains down threes on his “Little” even with his gimpy hand and he’s surprised that the kid really isn’t into playing basketball with him. Stephanie demonstrates the proper way to go handsfree while driving, if you don’t have Bluetooth. All that plus some Game of Thrones thoughts from Jim on this week’s Unloading.


The Unloading – April 7, 2014


The Unloading is back after another brief hiatus. Pete and Mollie have a new dog! Plus the crew has radically different opinions on the How I Met Your Mother series finale. Also Stephanie’s Justin Timberlake concert ticket addiction continues. All that and more on this week’s episode.

The newest addition to Luf and Luf's family, Zuzu

The newest addition to Luf and Luf’s family, Zuzu

The Unloading – July 1, 2013


50 episodes for The Unloading! A very special episode with a full, almost too candid, Pride Parade Recap featuring Daveon and Harris. In addition to recapping Pride, Daveon and Harris also Scoochie some Motion: Unlimited t-shirts for the crew. All that and more on the 50th episode of The Unloading.

It's Scoochie Time!

It’s Scoochie Time!

The Unloading – June 15, 2013


Welcome to episode 47 of The Unloading now with working mics! A frank discussion of what causes Jim’s dogs to bark constantly. Stephanie recaps her trip to Nashville. Jim gives a full review of Man of Steel. Plus, has life gotten better for Pete at The Bux? All that and more on episode 47 of The Unloading.


The Unloading – June 4, 2013


The Unloading is back to kickoff June with our 46th episode. Due to some technical difficulties that we unfortunately didn’t notice until after the show Pete and Jim had the only working mics. So you’ll have to strain to hear Stephanie and Mollie. Stephanie gets the all clear on her lung clots and gets ready for Nashville with a spray tan. Jim is still reeling from the most recent episode of Game of Thrones (spoilers between 1:05:56 and 1:06:18). Pete has a run-in with a particularly obnoxious Starbucks customer. All that and more on episode 46 of The Unloading.

Sam's new hat

Sam’s new hat

The Unloading – May 20, 2013


Stephanie is back for episode 45 of The Unloading but Mary is M.I.A. Why did Pete quit his petsitting job? The answer won’t really surprise you. Is Stephanie a really angry person or is it normal? Jim has been invited to an event at Wrigley to discuss their renovation plans but it has an odd twist to it. Plus thoughts on The Office finale. All that and more on this week’s Unloading.

The famous Jo Jo Chompers

The famous Jo Jo Chompers

The Unloading – May 14, 2013


Welcome to episode 44 of The Unloading with special guests Mollie and Danielle, sitting in for the absent Mary and Stephanie. It might shock you to learn that Jim and Pete both hate Navy Pier. Jim especially hates Bubba Gump Shrimp Company and rants accordingly. Pete is still plugging along at Starbucks and learning not to touch the inside of the pastry bag. Also a recap of the earth-shattering How I Met Your Mother season finale. All that and more on episode 44 of The Unloading.



The Unloading – April 29, 2013


The Unloading Crew closes out April with a pizza party and more fruitless, time-wasting emails. Pete has a new gig as a Starbucks barrista. Jim writes his first negative Yelp! review about a local bar and grill. Plus Mary has a peek into Jim’s future if he happens to have more kids who are really active in sports. Plus Stephanie enters a Justin Timberlake contest on Ellen. All that and more on Episode 42 of The Unloading.

Sam will be heard!

Sam will be heard!