Welcome to the official website of The Unloading, a weekly recap of pop culture, sports, goings on in the Chicago area, current events and anything else we feel like talking about.

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  1. Love hearing you all again. No man is an island. You are the ones who kept that show going. Great to hear you!

  2. Not firsties! =) I’m very excited about this new show. I listen to a bunch of other ones, but you guys are the first one I’ll listen to moving forward! Awesome!!

  3. Really glad to hear you guys again. There is a fine line between loyalty, habit and true entertainment. Can we please get a revisit of chinchilla children (even if you need to use a harmonizer)? You guys should get a google voice account for voice mail. I’d love to do a weekly update that involves bong hits.

  4. Great stuff you lot. I went into severe depression when Dalh ditched you – what a turd! It’s a shame Brendan didn’t join you, I was really quite disappointed that he didn’t. He was totally out of his comfort zone without you and I couldn’t stand listening any longer, so I unsubscribed. Finding you all again is fantastic. Live long and prosper!

  5. Wow- I was way behind on the Steve Dahl Podcasts- when I skipped ahead and discovered the “change” to the staff, I was very disappointed. I’m going to unsubscribe and listen here to what I was enjoying all along. Perhaps this will be a disappointment to Mr. Dahl, but it’s not personal, just business right? Best of luck with your new venture and I be listening.

  6. Love the show – so happy I found it back when you started. I was looking for Jim’s “new” pizza dough recipe from Monday – want to make it on Saturday – any chance to get it?

    • I updated the old recipe with the new ingredients. It’s just 2 cups bread flour and one cup unbleached AP. Or just 3 cups bread flour.

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